You Know You Are Pregnant When:


Before reading this please take note of something for me: Nothing in this post is intended to be read negatively. These are just little points of humor that have struck during my pregnancy that have made me stop and go, “huh.” They have made me laugh at the unique social structure, societal response and culture in entirety, that surrounds pregnancy. I do truly consider my pregnancy a blessing and simply felt that sharing the quirks that come with such, was something that could possibly bring a smile to others as well. How’s that for a disclaimer? 🙂

1. Instead of “Here We Come a Wassailing” you find yourself singing “Here I Come A-Waddling”…

2. You open the door to the restroom in a restaurant and every woman in line ushers you to the front

3. People you do not know, feel completely comfortable sharing the intimate details of their birth experience.

4. People you do not know, feel compelled to tell you how to best use your blessing of being a mammal…(Even some men feel comfortable sharing how you should go about lactating)

5. EVERYONE smiles at you. Including the grocery store clerk who you had formerly decided lacked the physical ability to smile. Apparently, my being pregnant makes everyone else oddly happy and whimsical. (What can I say? happy to help:)

6. Some mothers of multiple children might caution you (in the diaper aisle) to think long and hard before agreeing to have five children. (This was actually a very funny moment that afforded me great comfort as I listened to this woman conclude her woes with “I wouldn’t change a thing though”.)

7. Some people feel the need to rub your belly and inform you that “You will be very pretty when you’re a mom”…Thanks! Only 3 more months til I am pretty! Woo Hoo!

8. Other people make you feel truly beautiful when you least expect it, by commenting on how wonderful you look pregnant.

9. “Wow, you’re huge!” is for some reason to be considered complimentary. However, the reply, “So are you!” is not. Who knew?

10. Your spouse can tell where you have been and what you were doing by looking at the floor for what you dropped but decided was not worth the effort to pick up.

11. You have a slightly less than completely rational fear of getting stuck on the couch for all Eternity, simply because you are physical unable to remove yourself from said piece of furniture without assistance.

12. Any form of activity is considered exercise. Reaching the floor is considered Yoga. Advanced Yoga.

13. You talk to your belly and nobody worries aloud about your mental condition.

14. Other people talk to your belly.

15. You voice thoughts along the line of “Honey, remember this time last year? I could see my feet!”

Pregnancy really is a blessing. I cannot yet join the ranks of women who feel that being pregnant is the best thing in the world (personally I enjoyed being able to put on my own socks) but I am thoroughly grateful for this season in my life.  Pregnancy is humbling and delightful as well as surprising and has caused me to depend on my Savior in ways I never would have otherwise. I cannot wait to meet our firstborn son and I treasure this time I have left to prepare both mentally and physically for his arrival come March. I am grateful for so many things I formerly took for granted and realize that though these months may feel intermittently too long, they are a blessing I would never fore go.


2 thoughts on “You Know You Are Pregnant When:

  1. 9. “Wow, you’re huge!” is for some reason to be considered complimentary. However, the reply, “So are you!” is not. Who knew?

    HAHAHA!! I actually said that a few times (the “so are you” response when people commented on my ‘being so huge’ and then dropping their jaw upon learning I still had 2 months to go. …I think I may remember a “well, at least I’m fortunate enough to deflate in a few months” in my more hormonal moments. 🙂

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